Amrita Chandradas
Vanishing hope (2015)

3 parts

Photographic prints
32 x 19.45 cm each (set of 10) 9.72 x 6 cm each (set of 4)

Inkjet print on paper, wood

Single channel audio on loop
1 minute 30 seconds

The historically significant conflict of 26 years between the Sri Lankan military and the LTTE (Tamil Separatist fighters) holds the unquestionable disappearances of thousands of Tamils at Sri Lanka—an official estimate of more than 65,000 Tamils are missing. Their family members are desperate for answers however all that is left are silent photographs, vacant environment & unanswered questions in relation to each person’s disappearance. Despite declaring death certificates for all missing persons without sufficient evidence by the Sri Lankan government on 20 January 2002, the Tamils continue to protest in hope to be certain about their loved ones’ whereabouts. Sri Lanka has the second highest number of enforced disappearances in the world.

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